Vicomsoft FTP Client version 5.5

This major new release of our immensely popular file transfer app for Mac OS X is packed with new and exciting features, and fits right into the heart of OS X with full Retina display support, Full Screen mode, localisation in 11 different languages and a significantly enhanced user interface...
The best OS X FTP client is EVEN BETTER AGAIN!

Speed & Performance - to the next level

Speed & Performance

Topping the highs achieved in the past was hard : every aspect of operation has been optimised to provide the fastest completion times yet, employing specialist techniques to maximize throughput and reduce latency, while utilising the smallest levels of CPU and memory resources.

In test conditions we measured that v5.5 is up to a whopping 25% faster overall

19 Years of Mac FTP - an app you can trust

19 Years of FTP Experience

FTP Client 5.5 represents the culmination of over 19 Years' experience in FTP transfers on the Mac platform. Extreme performance and unrivalled reliability, married with a sleek and intuitive user interface is the result.

Who better to transfer your precious files than a name you can trust, and a devoted Mac developer since 1997

Reliability - you have to be 100% sure


FTP Client 5.5 for Mac OS X has been rigorously tested by a team of beta testers, specially selected from existing FTP Client customers. In all cases, testers reported that the new version provided them with the most reliable, hassle-free file transfer experience to date.

"Absolutely 100% rock solid."- Mike Reeves (beta-tester)

Ease of Use - now with added Pleasure of Use

Ease of Use

In keeping with Apple design, FTP Client boasts many Mac OS X interface elements, with its high resolution Retina display support, animations, toolbars and drag and drop simplicity throughout, making it not only easy to use but truly a pleasure to use.

Yet in true Mac fashion, while its UI is clean and uncluttered, a plethora of power features are just a click away.

System Requirements - we dont do Windows

System Requirements

FTP Client is a thoroughbred Mac-only app, taking advantage of many OS X technologies, such as Quick Look previewing, AppleScripting, Bonjour networking and more.

To access its power you will need an Intel-based Mac running a minimum of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, although 10.8 Mountain Lion or later is recommended

What's New?

FTP Client 5.5 brings a host of new and enhanced functionality... and is OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) ready!

  • Much faster multi-file transfers implementation
  • Comprehensive logging capability
  • Queue views for better management of schedules & transfers
  • Built-in Preview viewer for movies, mp3s, images, text
  • Split browser: simultaneous Queue, Schedule or Preview views
  • New built-in FTP Droplet with Zip before uploading option
  • Per-list Forward/Back, History + navigation controls
  • Refined toolbar items + color icons option
  • OSX transition, transparency and animation effects
  • OSX Auto-restore windows support (10.7 and later)
  • OSX Notification Center notification support (10.8 and later)
  • OSX dark mode support
  • OSX new menubar viewing mode support in (10.11 and later)
  • And much much MUCH more... another HUGE upgrade!

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