Yummy FTP Update Hits New Record!

Yummy FTP now beats Transmit 10x in Speed

Aside from squashing bugs and adding even more Yummy-ness, for this latest release the development focus was on fine-tuning the new multi-connection/multi-file transfer implementation that was added in the v1.10 upgrade, and the results are mind-blowing! In tests, Yummy FTP beats Transmit by 10x and ForkLift 2x in a simple folder upload test... wait, what?! WOW!!! ...

So this little chart and movie was put together to illustrate :

Can't see the movie? Click Here

Amazing! Right?

Not surprisingly, just about every Mac FTP app claims to be the 'fastest' or 'best' so don't take our word for it... Try the test for yourself!

Below are download links for the test folder used in the movie as well as the full, un-cut movies of each app as proof there's been no tampering.

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Download 'ftp test suite'Download 'ftptestsuite.zip' - 51.8Mb

Yummy FTP test movieYummy FTP - 1min 36secs - 1.8Mb

ForkLift test movieForkLift- 2mins 38secs - 2.7Mb

Yummy FTP test movieTransmit- 10mins 20secs - 11.4Mb

BIG Updates All Round

New versions of the entire Yummy FTP product range are now available, all featuring new Yosemite-inspired, dark chocolate, lite chocolate, and jellybean app icons; even the website now has a dark chocolate coating and a fresh, creamy new take the company logo - Yum!

All titles now also include a brand new Russian localisation, thanks to Alex Nosov, plus many performance enhancements, compatibility improvements and a few bug fixes all round.

Other Highlights

Yummy FTP Watcher v2.1.2 sees the first batch of some significant user-requested improvements, with options to auto-detect and ignore busy or changing files, use temporary files during transfers (.yftmp then rename afterwards), delete files after transfer with the Auto-Upload and Auto-Download Watcher types and a new connection management mechanism will now prevent frequent server login/logout cycles between re-scans.

Yummy FTP v1.10.2 now features the ability use direct SSH commands to delete huge folders or duplicate items in a fraction of the usual time; there's a re-worked status bar with three useful modes of display (click to change), as well as the new options introduced to Watcher and several compatibility and performance enhancements.

Check the Version Histories and Product Updaters pages for detailed change logs & download links.