The Future of Mac Apps?

Looking for a Mac App Store that doesn't suck? Check out Setapp - it could change the way you get Mac apps forever. Now that Yummy FTP Pro is on board we invite you to try it for free!

Meet Setapp: The future of Mac apps.
Our friends over at MacPaw have launched something great for your Mac: a new service that gives you over 90 stellar apps and growing, including our very own Yummy FTP Pro, for only $9.99 per month. Setapp is as simple as a folder on your Mac with an app for every job. And the best thing is, you'll have a whole month to get a taste of it.
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It's everything app stores should be.
A collection of Mac apps that are hand-picked for your convenience.
90+ prime apps in a single folder, always at hand.
No more paid upgrades: every version of every app is yours.
No in-app purchases and ads: just use your apps, without distractions.
Tried and favored by tech reviewers.
As someone who has used Setapp, it offers a much more pleasant user experience than the incumbent marketplace. It's sleeker. It's faster. And already, it has an impressive collection of premium apps you actually want.
One of the biggest benefits of using Setapp is that you can try apps before buying them, unlike with the Mac App Store.
I've spent time with a preview version of Setapp, and it couldn't be easier for users to set up.
Setapp: You're all set.
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