New Year - Updates All Round

All the Yummy FTP apps have now been updated with enhancements & bug fixes, and are ready to download.

Yummy FTP Watcher users will be particularly interested in the new options to control FSEvent re-scan triggers and the repeating auto-rescan, allowing for even more customised solutions. FTP Watcher also receives some important bug fixes, especially with the new run-from-Menubar option which had some issues for some users.

That said, there are important changes for all the apps so please do update. Below are some of the hilights :

• Logging system speed optimisations to reduce overhead
• Added option to control whether a repeating re-scan should occur
• Added option to control whether FSEvents should trigger a re-scan
• Fixes to run from menubar option
• Fix to SSL-reuse issue in reconnection scenarios

Check the Version Histories for full details of all the changes in each of the new product releases.
The Product Updaters page contains download links for each new product release.

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