New Releases All Round

Today we annouce that we've released new versions of the Yummy FTP range with some exciting changes! The full run-down of all the changes can be seen at our Version History pages and you can download the updates from our Product Updaters pages but while you're waiting - please read about what's new...

Queues Now Get Saved!

The biggest news is for Yummy FTP Pro which includes the much requested feature of saving the transfer queue.

This means that not only will scheduled synchronisations be stored and automatically executed, you can now also do this for any transfer too.

What's more, your currently running transfers will be recorded so you can resume from where you left off whenever you need to quit the app or shutdown your Mac.

Better Security With TLS v1.1 & v1.2

Although it has been quite some time after the heartbleed bug was discovered, a few people have recently reported inability to connect to their servers and it turned out they were not accepting SSL1/2/3 or TLS1 connections, instead requiring the newer TLS1.1 or 1.2 versions in an effort to stay ahead in security.

While all Yummy FTP products have long utilised OpenSSL 0.9.8 for speed and compatibility, this doesn't support the later TLS versions, so this new release of the Yummy FTP product range now uses Apple Secure Transport which supports the newer TLS versions for those specific occasions, while still maintaining the backward compatibility of OpenSSL. Better security all round.

More Email Notification Options

Email notifications of completed transfers, synchronizations or failures are proving very useful to many people, so this release extends this capability for the whole product family beyond Apple Mail and now supports Airmail 2, Microsoft Outlook and Postbox

In addition, multiple email recipients can now be specified with simple comma separated values.

And On A Final Note

In another win for Yummy FTP Pro a long-standing feature request has been finally added - the ability to store some notes within a Bookmark and have those displayed in the Bookmarks manager window too. So, now you can do just that!

As ever, there are a few more smaller additions, tweaks and some bug fixes in the new versions, so for the full run-down, visit our Version History pages.

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