New Releases & New Ecommerce Provider

We are proud to announce new versions of the Yummy FTP product range are now available to download. The full run-down of all the changes can be seen at our Version History pages and you can download the updates from our Product Updaters pages but while you're waiting - please read about what's new in these releases and our other news...

WebDAV Protocol Support

All products now have the added ability to connect with WebDAV and WebDAVS servers, with the exception of Yummy FTP Lite which will remain purely FTP only.

This is a major protocol addition, and included free of charge in the latest update. And for those of you who are asking... yes, S3 is in the works too. Stay tuned!

Home Path Support

All local paths which point to folders within the current user's home directory are now represented and handled throughout the app with the Unix ~/ shorthand convention.

While this may seem a small change as it appears to only have the benefit of shortening paths displayed throughout the UI to make them clearer, Dropbox users or other shared environments, such as Google Drive, which reside within the users Home folder will find this makes everything transparent when it comes to working with shared Bookmarks

As usual, there are a few more smaller additions, tweaks and some bug fixes in the new versions, so for the full run-down, visit our Version History pages.

One More Thing

This release marks the end of a 12 year old relationship with eSellerate as our eCommerce provider of choice. We have now moved to Paddle which provides a very cool and much simpler overlay checkout that makes buying a breeze.

What's more, the Paddle system API is designed specifically for Mac developers and they become active partners by promoting your apps. Their excellent commission rate also reduces our cost per sale, so it's a winning combination!

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