Yummy FTP is a Pro - It's Official

We are proud to announce that Yummy FTP officially becomes Yummy FTP Pro in the new version, which is now available to download along with updates to the remainder of the product range to accompany it. The full run-down of all the changes can be seen at our Version History pages and you can download the updates from our Product Updaters pages but while you're waiting - please read about what's new in these releases and our other news...

Scheduling Gets Day Savvy

Both Yummy FTP Pro and Yummy FTP Watcher benefit from the much-requested ability to specify Days Of Week for when schedules should be executed, bringing the scheduling feature to the next level.

By default, all schedules will execute on all days, so don't worry - any existing schedules will not be affected!

More Queue Control & Enhanced Session Restoration

A new queue option in Yummy FTP Pro allows you to select what the Auto-save Queue feature saves, which is particularly useful if you frequently make huge manual transfers or use Dropbox syncing - some users reported disk thrashing because the overhead or recording the transfer queue status for those cases can be quite high. So we have tweaked the save mechanism for efficiency in this update as well as adding the preferences setting!

Scheduled items will always be recorded, regardless however. So it's a choice for you to have the safety net of the auto-save for all transfers or remove that overhead.

Session restoration has now been enhanced with the addition of the option to automatically take you back to the directories you were last browsing, which also works great in conjunction with OS X's auto-resume window feature, for example after a logout, taking you right back to where you left off.

As usual, there are a few more smaller additions, tweaks and some bug fixes in the new versions: of particular note are some important fixes for the newly introduced WebDAV protocol support as well as much improved VoiceOver support for visually impaired users, so for the full run-down please visit our Version History pages.

One More Thing - UPDATED!

By pure chance we discovered a huge multi-national corporation using a single user license of Yummy FTP on multiple Macs. Having operated on a trust basis for over 10 years this was quite a wake up call, so as result we have now added copy protection to our apps.

This has been designed only to catch corporate criminals like them, so if you get this message ... DONT PANIC!

This message simply mean you have another copy running on the Mac named in the alert. Just quit the other copy, which will also be displaying the message, then you can press Esc on the keyboard to dismiss the message and continue where you left off.

If you are certain you have a multi-user license please double check your order before proceeding further. There is one serial number per license and once a license is used it is displayed in the apps About... window. You can Contact Us if you need clarification.

Ultimately though, please purchase additional licenses if you are using the single user license on multiple Macs. Thanks!

A Brief Update...

We had some queries regarding the new copy protection scheme, and thought it would be best to update this page with the outcome.

To be totally 100% clear, the copy protection is specifically designed to stop a single user license being used on multiple Macs at the same time on the same network, e.g. in an office with multiple users. Although we have gone to great lengths to ensure legitimate single user usage was totally unaffected, it was made clear after receiving feedback via email and MacUpdate that some adjustments were required for innocent usage that was being flagged up - specifically, an idle copy running on another Mac.

So from now on the license check will only take place when there is an active transfer or sync. This means that the message can only be triggered when two (or more) Macs are actively using the software to transfer files. Browsing, moving, delete, rename, and everything else are not counted as activity however, so it really is very much more lenient.

Use the Check For Updates option in the Yummy FTP Pro menu to update to the adjusted version (v1.11.6b0) or download it directly here.

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