New Versions All Round

We are proud to announce new updates to the Yummy FTP app product range are now available for download. The full run-down of all the changes can be seen at our Version History pages and you can download the updates from our Product Updaters pages but while you're waiting - please read about what's new...

File Verification

It doesn't look like much, that little checkbox circled in red, but actually it can mean the end to a lot of headaches : when it's enabled, every time a file transfer is completed an MD5 checksum of the file is calculated on the server and locally on your Mac then compared - if the resulting checksums don't match then the transferred file is considered damaged-in-transit and automatically re-transferred.

So that means guaranteed safe delivery (or receipt) of your files! What's not to like?

Unfortunately not all servers support MD5 checksums, so for those cases the resulting file size is compared against the original - it's not guaranteed like the checksum, but a better check than none at all particularly for files which have been resumed at any point.

In fact for this very reason, while this new option is off by default in order to maintain our high-speed-tranfers as a priority, regardless of whether it is enabled or not Yummy will automatically use any available validation method after an interrupted transfer to ensure its integrity.

Of course, this feature is most valuable to plain FTP connections because other protocols (eg SFTP) have built-in checksums which make them more resilient to corruption, nevertheless it still happens.

MD5-checksum compatible servers tested were CrushFTP and ProFTPD, the latter of which adheres to an unofficial standard FTP command extension XMD5, which means compatibility with any server that supports it.

Licensing Changes (Part 2)

Just to quickly recap, we discovered a single user license of Yummy FTP on multiple Macs at a large corporation and so in the last update we added some basic copy protection to all the Yummy FTP apps, for the first time. Ever.

As with all these things, despite trying really hard to make it right first time, there is always room for improvement and especially clarification, so that's what follows.

This message simply mean you have another copy running on the Mac named in the alert. Just quit the other copy, which will also be displaying the message, then you can press Esc on the keyboard to dismiss the message and continue where you left off.

The copy protection is specifically designed to stop a single user license being used on multiple Macs at the same time on the same network, e.g. in an office with multiple users. This means that the above message can only be triggered when...

"More than one Yummy app with the same serial number is transferring files"

Even if incorrect usage is detected, at no time will any functionality be disabled or transfer stopped - the message is simply offering the information and opportunity to do the right thing for those who are abusing their license, whether it be intentionally or totally innocently.

If you are certain you have a multi-user license please double check your order before proceeding further. There is one serial number per license and once a license is used it is displayed in the apps About... window. You can always Contact Us if you need more clarification.

Other Changes

As usual, there are other worthwhile changes apart from the the regular round of bug fixes, and this time is no exception with the addition of compatibility with the upcoming new version of iTerm for the Open In Terminal feature, and the long requested ability to select which columns are shown in the Bookmarks window.


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