Maintenance Updates - With A Bonus...

While there's no disguising the fact that the latest updates are mostly to fix bugs, there is one little gem for Yummy FTP Pro & Lite users. Read on for more or just check out the Version History pages. As usual you can download the updates from our Product Updaters pages or from the built-in Check For Updates feature.

It's Faster!

Not file transfers this time, but quite simply the listing updates for both the Mac and server sides of FTP Browsers are now much more responsive. While it seems such a small thing to report - try it! This small change makes the whole app feel so much faster to use.

So why wasn't it this fast before? It's a case of the developer who can't see the bits for the bytes (aka the wood for the trees), but user Yosuke Miyagawa from Japan noticed and posted on on Twitter. After subsequent email exchanges using Google Translate and videos the code culprit became clear... So, thank you Yosuke!

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Other Changes

At long last, after many requests since its introduction, Yummy FTP Lite now has a built-in ability to purchase an upgrade to Yummy FTP Pro. Until now anyone wishing to upgrade had to contact us to get a purchase link, but now the app will offer this directly. In fact it works so well a similar offer has been added into Yummy FTP Alias too.

Thanks for reading!

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