High Time For An Update

It's been a while without any news, so here's an update for the entire range containing all the latest fixes and some nice improvements as well. Read on for more or just check out the Version History pages. As usual you can download the updates from our Product Updaters pages or from the built-in Check For Updates feature.

Bookmark Sync via Dropbox and now iCloud + Google Drive

For Yummy FTP Pro users wishing to auto-sync Bookmarks across Macs, the Dropbox Sync feature has now been renamed to Bookmark Sync, and extended to directly support iCloud & Google Drive, as well as making provision for selecting a custom sync helper app. The preferred helper app must be installed and running (eg. iCloud Drive must be enabled) to be selectable from the new setup panel.

In addition, a new option allows control over whether passwords are synced along with the Bookmarks, which can make life easier for some. By default passwords are ignored but once triggered it will read the passwords from your Keychain, requesting your permission along the way - from then on encrypted passwords are saved in the Bookmarks and synced.

Relaxed Licensing

After getting your valued feedback on the subject of licensing and copy protection we have decided to relax the single user license for Yummy FTP Pro only to allow its use on three Macs at the same time, further justifying its recently acquired Pro status.

All other app single user licenses will retain the previous limitation of runnning on one Mac at a time.

Improved Proxy Support

Until now, proxy support for SFTP connections was not implemented. This release brings full support for SOCKS4, SOCKS5 and HTTPS CONNECT methods for the first time.

If you are a proxy user we would like your feedback : would it be useful to configure a number of proxy servers for a per-Bookmark proxy setting, rather than one proxy for all connections? Let us know!

Other Changes

One of the smaller changes you'll notice in Yummy FTP Pro and Lite is a behaviour that mimics that of the Finder - when you delete an item the next row in the listing will be auto-selected for you. This is intended to keep your place in the listing if you navigte by keyboard.

For some time since OS X Yosemite all Save/Open panels switched to using modal windows instead of the more aestheticly pleasing sheets, as a workaround to avoid a bug in the OS which has since been fixed. This release marks a return to the these so please tell us if you experience any problems.

Otherwise, it's just plain ol' bug fixes - thanks for reading!

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